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Valley Innovators provides game-changing client insights from fractional leaders with decades of experience in technology, marketing, sales, and corporate development. AI led research provides a crystal clear picture of organizational hurdles and a roadmap to achieve success. Cutting-edge technology coupled with proven customer acquisition strategies identifies leaks in the funnel and how to quickly fill them.


The People That Make It Happen


Founder & Advisory Lead

Jennifer's mission is to bring prosperity to the Central Valley, where she was born and raised.  She previously founded WFFConnect, a startup focused on the success of female entrepreneurs.

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Jennifer J. Lopez

Brandon Lopez

Founder & Advisory Lead

Silicon Valley tech leader has generated $100M+ in pipeline and closed won revenue while at startups and leading companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Oracle. A diverse marketing and technology background improves customer acquisition strategy from day one.

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Advisory Lead

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Led corporate development in Salesforce and startup software sectors including raising $80M+ in venture funding from seed to Series D. Diverse sales, business development, technology, and marketing background provides holistic insights for clients.

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